Watching: J and I finally started watching Broadchurch. Only two episodes in, but we’re hooked!

Reading: Cress by Marissa Meyer. I’m working my way through The Lunar Chronicles. Enjoying this volume even more than the last. 

Listening: The rain is still here in the Bay Area. On Monday it rained all day. In many ways, I missed listening to the sound of the rain.

Making: Pushing to wrap up my 2016 pages in the Project Life albums. Getting close! i need to do Arthur’s December pages and the twins and then 2016 will be done.

Feeling: I’ve gotten a decent amount of sleep this past week. Feeling better. Now if I could get the toddler to stop yelling about everything, I would feel fine.

Planning: March is my birthday month and I’ve got some great things planned to celebrate on my Facebook craft group. Lots of challenges, giveaways, and fun. If you want to play along, join The Craft Sea to get all the news.

Loving: Quentin’s belly laughs are adorable. I wish I could bottle them for those times when I need a pick-me-up.


Watching: J was surprised to learn that I’ve never seen most of 30 Rock. Guess what we started from the beginning.

Reading: A Study of Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas. Picked it up from the library and loving it so far.

Listening: Both boys have been super whiners the last few days. So over this.

Making: Our parent group Valentine’s Exchange is on Thursday. I’m making one set of 32 for Q to “hand out.” Arthur requested Paw Patrol ones.

Feeling: I’ve been feeling very scatter-brained for the past two weeks. I kept losing my train of thought, forgetting tasks, and feeling very anxious. Not a fan of my current state.

Planning: Trying to get some craft classes and events on the calendar for February and March.

Loving: I love listening to the rain. And in the past week it’s actually rained hard enough for me to listen!


Watching: We’re in the middle of New Movie January, so lots of movie watching

Reading: The Bargain by Jane Ashford — historical romance fluff

Listening: Really digging the Covers Channel on sirius xm right now. Lots of fun.

Making: Diving into memory planning in my Big Happy Planner this week. Very excited to focus on me.

Feeling: We’re all sick here, I’m starting to feel better, but still feeling pretty crappy.

Planning: I getting our meals set for the rest of the month.

Loving: J bought Mint Oreo ice cream the other day. It’s perfect on top of my fudge brownies.


Watching: January is traditionally a month of new-to-me movies. I’ve already started, catching up on some silly Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

Reading: Mom got Hannah Hart’s Buffering for free at the library and had no idea who Hart was. I jumped at the chance to take the book off my mom’s hands.

Listening: Twins are playing video games of course. It’s a constant background noise during school breaks.

Making: Finishing up the 2016 Holiday albums. Only a few things left to do before I can give them to my mom, in-laws, and grandma and grandpa.

Feeling: Baby’s not sleeping great right now meaning I’m usually tired.

Planning: We go back home in a just a few days. I’ve been busy figuring out our January activities and attempting to meal plan.

Loving: As much as I hate the cold and would never move back to Indiana, I did enjoy having snow on the ground this year.


Currently 11:22:16

Watching: The Librarians is back! Yeah! It’s one of our silly fun shows.

Reading: Been wanting to pick up Five Days at Memorial for months and finally got around to it this week. Good, but obviously very depressing…

Listening: Finally catching up with my One Bad Mother episodes.

Making: I’m finishing my Christmas cards for this year. Still have a few to fill some holes for my December blog posts.

Feeling: The entire household was struck down by a nasty cold last week. J is still pretty sick. A is recovering but still coughing. Q and I seem to have recovered. Yeah!

Planning: We having a few friends over for the feast on Thursday. Our menu is set, just need to organize and plan out my schedule of cooking and serving.

Loving: The boys and I drove through the canyon road the other day on the way to the store. We enjoyed looking at all the fall leaves on the way.



currently 11:7:16

Watching: Working my way through the entirety of the Gilmore Girls. I’m currently in the middle of Season 2.

Reading: About 1/3 of the way through Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Listening: Catching up on my One Bad Mother podcasts

Making: Diving into making some Christmas cards. I have some leftovers from last year, but also wanted to make a few with my new Christmas sets.

Feeling: Yesterday I had a horrendous migraine. It’s not completely gone, but I’m pulling out of it.

Planning: Trying to finish the meal plan for the rest of the month.  

Loving: Baby Q is not a great sleeper, so any that I do get is wondrous.



Currently 10:18

Watching: Somehow we got behind on Last Week Tonight. We have been rectifying that oversight this week.

Reading: Finally got Rat Queens Vol. 3 from the library. I read about half of it yesterday while at the indoor play place. Hoping to finish the volume today.

Listening: Quentin’s been having some gas issues resulting in baby screeches. He’s only happy laying on me.

Making: Finally getting back to crafting. My first project is getting our Project Life albums up to date. The family one is almost done. Arthur’s is up to date to the end of September. I’ve started on Quentin’s album.

Feeling: I have a three week old baby. Consequently, I am tired. That is all.

Planning: Thinking about November. Starting to fill our calendar.

Loving: Last night I had a beer for dinner. Oh how I missed you!



Currently 10:4:16

Watching: J and I have been watching all the movies while home with the new baby. This past week we’ve watched Ghostbusters, Independence Day 2, and Captain America Civil War.

Reading: In the newborn haze and I can’t deal with heavy books. So I turned to fluffy romances read on my iPad.

Listening: Q is a big talker already. He loves making little noises while awake.

Making: Q is constantly eating. Hence, making tons of bottles.

Feeling: One week out from a c-section and I’m feeling sore, but improving. Every day I feel like I’m gaining more movement and energy.

Planning: Sending J and the toddler to the grocery store to stock up, but need to make the meal plan and grocery list.

Loving: Oh my! I forgot how much I love newborn snuggles. Q loves to burrow into my side and sleep during the day. I can’t do it all the time, but I do love a few minutes of snuggles.



Currently 9:20:16

Watching: J and finished Turn S2 last night and it was amazing! We finally get an appearance by Alexander Hamilton. Benedict Arnold’s treachery is revealed. Captain Simcoe gets a bit of comeuppance. And we see the eventually meeting of Andre and Talmudge. It was so good! Now we’re wondering if they are going to make a third season. If they do, I imagine we would be focusing on the run-up to Yorktown. I’d be okay with that.

Reading: Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. I finally dove into the third in the Outlander series. About 300 pages in and I’m liking it more than Dragonfly in Amber.

Listening: Loving the Nina Simone Pandora channel lately.

Making: Finishing up a load of freezer meals just ahead of having this baby!

Feeling: I’m 39 weeks tomorrow and feeling it. Tired and super sore all the time.

Planning: Quentin arrives in less than week and I’m trying to tie up the little loose ends before he comes.

Loving: After a cool down, the temperatures were back in the high 80s this past weekend and few days. Not excited about the heat, but it has allowed Arthur and I to visit the pool a few more times before the baby comes. As an added bonus, swimming relieves some of the pressure I’m feeling.



currently 9:6:16

Watching: J’s gone still and the server’s down… I have to rely on Netflix to fill my watching selection. Thankfully Netflix has three seasons of Penny Dreadful. I’ve been meaning to start this show since it first aired. Already five episodes in. So good!

Reading: The Last Camellia by Sarah Jio. It’s our book club selection for September and I’m getting a head start I won’t be able to attend book club (scheduled baby date), but it was originally my suggestion. Only about 25 pages in, but so far, so good.

Listening: Arthur’s upset Netflix took off Dinosaur Train. Thankfully he can watch on the PBS app on the iPad. That theme song is seriously stuck in my head now.

Making: I put aside crafting for a bit so I could attempt to fill the freezer with meals before the baby comes. So far I’ve made 2 trays of baked ziti, 12 breakfast burritos, 20 pumpkin french toast sticks, 12 apple cake bars, and 12 cereal bar cookies. Hoping to get to some chicken dishes tomorrow.

Feeling: So many activities this week and I’m already so sore!

Planning: Baby is being evicted in 20 days. I have a few projects that I need to complete before he comes (Arthur’s bday party, freezer meals, fall social planning, cleaning the house, crop day, stamp club, and a few other small things).

Loving: Popcorn has become the toddler and I’s go-to snack lately. So yummy!